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Why Training Your Service Manager is Essential for Profitability

leadership service profitability service training training Sep 05, 2023

Every dealership aims for profitability and customer satisfaction, but the path to achieving this often hinges on a singular role: the Service Manager. They lead the department that often drives the lion's share of profit. But here's the question - how equipped are they for this pivotal role?

The Pitfall of Inadequate Training
Imagine this: your most seasoned technician suddenly gets the badge of the 'Service Manager'. While this might seem like a promotion, it’s akin to a fish being thrown onto land and expected to walk. Not only do many technicians feel overwhelmed, but some even quit or revert to their old roles. Others might muster through but only achieve moderate success. This approach doesn’t just cost you an employee; it potentially costs the business in terms of revenue, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

An Investment, Not an Expense: The BTA’s Service Academy
Enter the Business Technology Association (BTA) and their game-changing program: The Service Academy. This two-semester management course, tailored specifically for the office equipment industry, is conducted virtually, allowing participants to integrate their learning into their roles in real-time.

Here's what's on offer:

  • Mastery in Leadership Dynamics
  • Efficient Time Management
  • Strategic Business and Budgetary Planning
  • In-depth Cost Analysis
  • Expertise in Service Pricing and Metric Analysis
  • And much more...

For testimonials and a deeper dive into the curriculum, check out BTA’s Service Academy.

A Course For All Levels
While the course is designed keeping the Service Manager role in mind, its utility isn’t restricted. Professionals titled as Vice President of Service, Director of Service, General Manager, and Operations Manager have partaken and benefitted immensely. Their resounding feedback? "Wish we had this earlier!"

In Conclusion
The decision to train your Service Manager isn't an expense. It's an investment in the very heart of your business operations. It’s a commitment to efficiency, profitability, and top-tier customer service. Isn’t it time you made that investment?

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