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Currently Available Presentations

Put The Carrot Where You Want the Team To Go

This presentation uses the analogy of a carrot on a stick to illustrate the importance of aligning the compensation / evaluation/ bonus strategy with important objectives in a company.

Too many companies have incentives or evaluation criteria that is focused on counter-productive behaviors.  This program demonstrates the importance getting proper alignment.  

How to Create Raving Fans

This presentation focuses on the value of systems in improving customer satisfaction.  

Attendees will leave with key takeaways that they can use to dramatically improve their customer satisfaction and retention.

Providing outstanding customer service training consultancy is key to growing your business.

Prepare the Service Department for Future Opportunities

This presentation focuses on two key areas associated with future opportunities.

The first is planning.  Too often companies fail to plan before moving into new products and services, resulting in failure.

The second is training.  Proper training is foundational in achieving success.

Intreview with Debra Dennis, Senior Vice President of Operations at Copy Pro and volunteer meeting planner with the BTA.

She shares her experience as an attendee and as a meeting planner.


You Can Have It All


When we look at the customer experience in most businesses today, it feels like they have forgotten about their customers.


Too often businesses focus on profit only, not realizing that they are alienating customers.  They believe that is the only way to achieve revenue and profit goals.


I believe that it is possible and profitable to provide outstanding service, creating raving fans, and be very profitable. 


You Can Have It All


 I believe that the process starts with training your managers and showing them where to focus their attention and how to lead their team.

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Ken Edmonds

Ken Edmonds is an experienced instructor and speaker.  During his career he has taught technical training classes, service management classes, and spoken for various organizations, including the BTA, the Select Dealer Group, and the Pro Dealer Group.  He spoke at the Virtual Service Manager Conference in September of 2020.

Ken has 30 years of  experience in copier service management and speaks to the challenges of managing a technical force in a way that is profitable and creates amazing customer satisfaction.

In addition, he has written more than 40 articles for various trade publications including ENX Magazine, and Office Technology.

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Spring Break Event

Ken Edmonds hosted a Service Manager panel, and spoke at this event in 2018 in New Orleans.

He was invited back an spoke again at the Spring Break event in Orlando Florida

Pro Dealer Group

Ken Edmonds initially spoke at the Pro Dealer Group event in Charlotte, NC in 2018.

He was invited back and spoke again at the event in San Diego in November 2019.

Select Dealer Group

Ken Edmonds spoke to the Select Dealer group in Houston in 2019.

He was invited to speak at a virtual event in 2020.

How The Audience Felt

These are ratings from the Speaker Evaluation forms that were turned in by the attendees at the Srping Break event in New Orleans.

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