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Why Customer Relations Training Is a Must for Technicians

customer loyalty customer service service training training Jan 22, 2021
Train technicians to provide excellent customer service and maintain good customer relations.

It is important to provide regular customer service training to your technicians. They are the face of your company. In most cases, your customers will see your technicians regularly and respect their opinions. If a positive relationship is maintained and the conversations properly filtered, the results will help your company grow.


Recently, I was helping a client with a major install and he related a conversation he’d had with the previous vendor. It was an example of a conversation that shouldn’t have happened. It was so bad, in fact, that it might have cost the previous vendor the account.

It seems that the technician for the previous vendor was constantly highlighting internal problems. For instance, he told the client that his company could not get the machine fixed because he had no assistance in troubleshooting the issue. He also stated that he could not order the parts that he needed because they were too expensive.

This client’s experience reminded me of something that actually happened to me. While preparing for the install, I attended training for a third-party product. During this training, the instructor gave us a history of the company. It started out very positive, but at a certain point the tone changed, and he began to recite a litany of recent changes and the negative impact they had on the company’s ability to support their product.

The result of his comments created a negative impression of the company and support and called into question the wisdom of using his product. I am sure that was not his intent, but that was the result.

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