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hiring new hire service department Feb 12, 2021
Hire the right person by using good strategies.

In the last article, we discussed the cost of replacing technicians. Part of the cost we included was the cost of “bad hires.” The term bad hire would apply to any technicians that leave the company for any reason before they have generated enough profit to pay for the cost of hiring them. In the last article, we estimated it costs $40,900 to hire and train a technician. Let us discuss ways to improve the quality and probability of success in your hiring process.

Pre-Recruiting Process

One of the first questions to ask is, what kind of candidate are you looking for? Do you want to hire someone experienced? Or do you want to start from scratch? Another option is to promote from within. Each of these strategies has advantages and disadvantages. Depending on how urgently you need to fill the vacancy, the type of candidate you want will vary.

Starting from Scratch

The advantage of starting from scratch is that you can train the new technician to do the job according to your standards. You will not have to break old habits that do not meet your standards or fit your culture.

The disadvantage is that more training will be required. This increases the cost of hiring and training. Since the new technician will need extra training, he or she will be unproductive for a longer period.

Experienced Tech

An experienced technician will typically start to make an impact much sooner. If the technician has training on the products you offer, he or she may be able to start handling calls within a week or two.

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