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Protect the Power to Protect Your Bottom Line

customer service profit service processes Jan 29, 2021
Surge suppressors are an important part of serving your customers.

Many dealers still do not automatically protect the power of the devices they sell and of all the poor decisions that dealers make, this may be the worst. There seems to be a variety of excuses. The client does not want it. The salesperson does not want it included in the deal. It is too expensive. You do not really need it the power is ok.

But all of those are lame excuses. Build it into the deal just as you would build in the cost of setup and delivery. And don’t show it as a separate item on the invoice: that way neither the salesperson nor the customer can try to negotiate it out of the deal.

My Experiences

When I owned my dealership, I had the opportunity to witness firsthand the ways that power protection saves equipment and therefore money. One of my clients had an electrical event that caused catastrophic failure to devices in one area of the building. Devices that were not even powered on were destroyed, including calculators, monitors, and PCs.

In that same area, I had a 40 CPM machine that was powered up. It was connected through a power protection device. The power protection device was destroyed, the ground prong was burned off, and there was a large black hole in the side of the protection machine. But when I moved the copier to an unaffected area and plugged it in, it worked without issue. The vendor replaced the power protection device for free.

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