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Employee Recognition is Not For Salespeople Only

morale service department Feb 26, 2021
Recognizing service employees is essential for optimum customer service.

One issue in this industry is the lack of recognition of the accomplishments in the service department. When I worked for one manufacturer, they would occasionally invite the service group in for a joint meeting with the sales group. There would always be an awards dinner. During that dinner, every salesperson that met the minimum quota would be called to the stage and receive an award. During that time, I exceeded every goal set before me and received nothing.  Events like this cause frustration and resentment.

This pattern permeates our industry. Salespeople win contests, go on trips, and get spiffs from the manufacturer. While not discouraging this process, I do believe that overlooking the service department creates resentment and is counterproductive. If we look at industry-standard models, service generates all of the profit in a dealership. Every sale to an existing customer is due to the quality of service they receive from your company.

In addition to service, there are other groups vital to the success of your dealership, and I believe that it is important to recognize their contributions as well.

Why Recognize

Recognition can have a positive influence on employees. We recognize high performing salespeople because doing so encourages them to strive even harder to sell. In fact, recognition is one of the carrots that motivate salespeople. In my last article, I talked about putting the carrot where you want an employee to go, and recognition is a small piece of that process.
Service and administrative personnel are no different and properly placed and managed recognition has the ability to move individuals in the direction you want and need them to go.

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